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Martin Seligman: Author Of “Learned Optimism” Speaks About Positive Psychology And Authentic Happiness

Martin Seligman was originally best known for his classic psychology studies and theory of “Learned Helplessness” (1967) and it’s relationship to depression.

These days he is considered to be a founder of positive psychology, a field of study that examines healthy states, such as authentic happiness, strength of character and optimism, and is the author of “Learned Optimism”.

This is a terrific talk on Positive Psychology and what it means to be happy. It’s about 20 mins. long but definitely worth a watch!


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  1. Thanks Peter for posting this. It was fascinating and definitely worth watching. Martin is an engaging speaker isn’t he ?I believe we need to give greater consideration to directing our children to identify what it is that brings meaning to their lives to assist in their movement from the pleasure states of happiness that can consume them as children, towards the fulfilling lives as adults. This type of talk, assisted by technology to spread the word, will surely help us in this endeavour.

    Comment by colleenincairns | April 4, 2010 | Reply

    • I agree Colleen! The importance of teaching our kids to seek out purpose and meaning in some of the things they do as well as fun or academic success is so important. Thanks for another thoughtful comment!


      Comment by peterhbrown | April 4, 2010 | Reply

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